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Villorba was anciently known as “Villa Urbis extra Moenia” (“seat of the city, outside the wall”). Already known in Ancient Roman times, the city assumed an important role throughout the Longobard invasion, when the counts of Treviso (the Collalto family) arrived directly after the Longobards in 959. Originally an inaccessible and wooded area found by the Celts, it soon became a central living place for the Italian locals and eventually a large part of Treviso's countryside, especially because of its key location for communication routes.
In the 16th century, this area was very active for cultivations of hemp and linen. There were 1400 country houses built throughout the territory, some of which are still in good states of conservation.
Today Villorba is one of the most important towns in the province of Treviso, located just on the ouskirts of the capital. In recent years, it has undergone a large expansion in terms of both construction and industry thanks, above all, to the nearby roads, such as Pontebbana and Strada Ovest (West Road), which pass through several towns in the province.
Source: Municipality of Villorba


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