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Dolomites – Venice Itinerary
There are two laps or stages in this bike-touring itinerary which crosses the region of Veneto in four days, winding along secondary roads of the Marchlands of Treviso.

The first lap is called "Attraverso le colline del Prosecco", (Through the Prosecco hills); it starts from Vittorio Veneto, a town founded on the union of two very old villages rich in art and closely associated with the events of the Great War, and ends in Treviso, the chief town of the area. The route is full of wonderful panoramic views over the hills where Prosecco wine is produced and the mediaeval castles which have marked the history of this part of the country, crossing the river Piave and running along the slopes of the Montello.

The second lap is called "Tra il Sile e il Piave" (Between the rivers Sile and Piave), which starts from Treviso and leads down towards Venice following the flow of the river Sile, the longest river in Europe of resurgent waters. Cycling paths along the banks of the river alternate with country roads, along which Venetian villas and naturalist areas can be admired. In the fields of these parts exquisite vegetables are cultivated that become gastronomical specialities to be sampled and tasted, accompanied with a glass of the local wine.

If you are planning your holiday on a bike, why not organize a longer stopover in the Marchlands of Treviso? It really is worth taking advantage of being here to dedicate some time to finding out more about the local artistic and culinary traditions of the area.

For information about all the laps of this itinerary, please consult the website:


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