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Cycling from the resurgences of the Sile to the valleys of Portegrandi, on the Venetian Lagoon. The GiraSile is an ecological corridor especially for slower forms of transport. It crosses the entire park, from the resurgences between Piombino Dese and Casacorba di Vedelago to the Lagoon. It is not only an alternative to road transport but also the main route and backbone of a network that will join together all of the sites of interest in the Silearea.
Former mills, woods, old rural buildings, Veneto villas, marshlands and aquatic wildlife are just some of the sights on the main route and the sections branching off from it. Offering opportunities for relaxation and contemplation as well as physical exercise, they can satisfy the most varied of requirements from visitors.
When the route is completed, it will stretch out over 91 km, making it one of the longest riverside trails in Europe. Its four themes will give the park a clear identity.
The visitors will be able to enjoy the following four themes along the route: the GiraSile of Taste, which promotes local products such as radicchio, asparagus, casatella cheese, trout and sturgeon, with its rustic farmhouse food and learning farms; the GiraSile of Nature, with conservation areas, thickets of woodland, hedges and landscapes of enclosed fields; the GiraSile of Art, which takes in areas of historical, archaeological and rural interest; and finally the GiraSile of Water, which encourages travellers to switch between cars, bikes and boats, so that they can discover the river in canoes, kayaks and old local craft known as ‘pantane’.
Photo: Adriano&Federico Favaro Cavasagra


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