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The Veneto Ring
A bike-touring itinerary that lasts 6 days to discover more about the Veneto region. There are two laps in the Marchlands of Treviso, both on secondary roads.
The first lap is called "Ai piedi dei Colli Asolani" – 'At the foot of the Asolani Hills', and follows the alternating hills and valleys passing through the splendid 'city of a hundred horizons' –Asolo, and then Maser, a village which is known for the Palladian villa of the same name. Once you reach the Montello, the 'small mountain' that is rich in history and a custodian of the local food-and-wine traditions, the route continues up to the old town centre of Treviso, the chief town of the Marchlands or Marca 'gioiosa et amorosa'.
The second lap, "Dal Sile alla Laguna" (from the Sile to the Lagoon), leale Treviso and descends towards Venice following the flow of the river Sile, the longest river of resurgent waters in Europe.
The old port towns are left behind, where there is still evidence of the times when the river was the principal route of communication with the Lagoon. Near Casier, it is worth stopping to have a look at the 'cimitero dei burci', a sort of graveyard of boats, where the imposing carcasses of boats that were once used for the commercial transport of goods lie sunk in the ground. In fact, this is one of the most charming sections of the route, where the relationship between man and the river evolves in a combination of modernity and tradition.
When planning your holiday on two wheels, it is recommended that you organize a longer stop in the Marchlands of Treviso, as it is really worth taking advantage of being here to dedicate some time to finding out more about the local artistic and culinary traditions of the area.
For more information about all the laps of the itinerary, please consult:
Photo: © Matteo Danesin


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