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Free flight
Hang gliders and paragliders are extremely simple forms of aircraft. All you need is a slope and a few minutes of preparation and you can enjoy hours up in the air, immersed in nature and far from noise and pollution.
The entire foothills of Treviso are ideal for free flying. In the Vittorio Veneto and Revine lakes area to the east of the Piave River, free flying takes place in the weekend. There is easy access to the launch sites, there are large, well marked landing zones and there is a constant flow of local pilots. This area has been the starting point for some truly breathtaking flights, both along the piedmont strip and towards the north and the Belluno Dolomites.
Valdobbiadene is another extremely beautiful site, but it is for expert pilots only.
There are no free flying restrictions on Mount Grappaand the number of people participating in the sport here has grown significantly over the years.
The foothills of Treviso from the Grappa massif side offers superb conditions:
  • It is in a position that is sheltered from northerly winds.

  • There is an excellent road network that allows you to reach launch points high up the mountain in just a few minutes.

  • It is the home of Trofeo Montegrappa,one of the most famous flying events in the world.

  • The plain below makes it much easier and safer to fly here than in valleys.

  • The form and situation of the land mean that it is full of rising air masses, which allow you to enjoy longer flight times and increase the distances travelled.

  • Thanks to its special microclimate, it is possible to fly on at least 300 days a year.

The combination of all of these factors makes it a fantastic destination for experts and beginners alike, so it is no surprise that thousands of pilots travel here from all over Europe.
Source: the free flying instructor Fabio Loro. 
Foto: Marc De Tollenaere


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