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Trekking and Nordic walking
The main objective here is to discover what marvellous mosaic the term ‘Trevisan Marchland’ conceals. Trekking and Nordic walking both represent an excellent opportunity to come into contact with nature at close range. From the green peaks of Monte Grappa to the forest of Cansiglio, the mountain area around Treviso is in fact ideal for those who love trekking, whether just for a day, or for a few days. Particularly worthy of note is a 112 km long route, called the Alta Via TV1that crosses all the Trevisan Pre-Alps in the space of a week; it can be approached all in one go or selecting to follow the tracks of the Great War, all this while discovering the delights of the local traditional dairy-farming in an environmental framework of enormous value. Walking here is suitable for those who can move with agility, using the support of simple walking sticks that aid rhythm and lightness of step.
Just a few kilometers from here there are new sensations to be explored among the hills of Prosecco or along the uphill streets that make Asolo one of the most beautiful historical centres of Italy. It is difficult to not feel some emotion as you leave the walls of Treviso behind you to follow the flow of the waters of the Siletowards the lagoon of Venice. The Natural Park that safeguards the longest river of resurgent waters in Europe offers several routes to explore the local flora and fauna and the evidence of the age-old relationship between man and the river. There is nothing as relaxing to combine all this with Nordic walking, a sport that is based on lightness and simplicity.

Photo: Marc De Tollenaere 


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